Jimi Hendrix is one of Seattle’s most famous sons, so there are quite a few places you can visit in the Seattle area that are Jimi-related. With the anniversary of Jimi’s death coming on September 18, I decided to visit a few of these sites related to Jimi Hendrix in Seattle.

Jimi Hendrix Memorial

Opened in 2003, the Jimi Hendrix Memorial was a project spearheaded by his father Al. Originally buried in a normal grave at Greenwood Memorial Gardens, Al wanted to create a monument worthy of his son’s musical legacy. Unfortunately Al didn’t get to see the completed project—he died two months before it’s opening.

Jimi Hendrix GraveJimi Hendrix GraveJimi Hendrix Grave

On each of the walls of the memorial, there are etchings of Jimi’s likeness along with lyrics from his most famous songs.

Jimi Hendrix GraveJimi Hendrix GraveJimi Hendrix GraveJimi Hendrix Grave

The center of the monument was supposed to house a statue of the guitar god, but it has never made it to the spot—if it even exists. Much of the Hendrix estate has been contested among the family members and many suggest the statue remained in limbo as a result of that family discord.

This Jimi Hendrix in Seattle site is actually in Renton. Visit the memorial at 350 Monroe Ave NE, Renton, WA 98056

Jimi Hendrix childhood home

The Hendrix’s home in Seattle is now the site of a couple of town homes. At the time of their construction (2001), the original home was moved from that site to an open lot directly across the street from Greenwood Memorial Gardens. The plan was to turn the home into a museum, but after a few years the house was never fixed up and the city ordered it’s destruction (2009). Now, the lot is a mobile home park.

Jimi Hendrix Childhood Home

Jimi Hendrix funeral

Jimi died in London, but the family had him returned to Seattle for a ceremony and burial.

Jimi Hendrix Funeral Church

The former Dunlap Baptist Church is now the Medhane-Alem Evangelical Church. Still there, still basically the same.

Dunlap Baptist Church Jimi Hendrix FuneralDunlap Baptist Church Jimi Hendrix Funeral

Visit the church at 8445 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118

Jimi Hendrix Park

In the Central District, just up from the church, is Jimi Hendrix Park. While not much is there now, the park is in phase one (of two) of a multi-million dollar renovation.

When I visited in September 2016 the park was still under construction, surrounded by chain link fence and covered by a purple sky.

Jimi Hendrix ParkJimi Hendrix Park

Visit the park (and the next door Northwest African American Museum) at 2400 S Massachusetts St, Seattle, WA 98144

Jimi Hendrix statue on Broadway

The main Hendrix attraction in Seattle is his statue on Broadway in Capitol Hill.

AEI Music tapped local artist Daryl Smith whose shop was based in the Fremont neighborhood.

Hendrix’s pose is from the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival where he famously lit his guitar on fire. Hendrix was left-handed, but played a right-handed guitar strung backwards. A detail the artist got right.

AEI Music is long closed, but Jimi’s been here since 1996.

Jimi Hendrix Statue SeattleJimi Hendrix StatueJimi Hendrix Statue Seattle

Bronze Jimi still attracting fans 20 years later.

Visit the statue at 1604 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122

Other sites related to Jimi Hendrix in Seattle

If you’re looking for a few more ways to get your Jimi fix, visit MoPOP (formerly the EMP). Also, you could visit Garfield High School, where Jimi was expelled for poor grades and spotty attendance. Other notable alumni from Garfield are Quincy Jones, Bruce Lee and Macklemore.

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