Blackwater Falls State Park

October 20, 2018/Jonathan Rundle/2 Comments

Back at it in West Virginia on the mighty Honda VFR400R, I’m riding with Dad once again along with my friend Rob to Blackwater Falls State Park.

Shined up and ready to rock – let’s ride south and into the mountains!

Honda VFR 400R

Riding the Seneca Trail

We took US Route 250 along the Tygart River, crossed over from Philippi to Parsons, WV on State Route 38, then rode US Route 219 into Thomas.

219 is also known as the Seneca Trail, named after a walking trail originally created by the Seneca people before white settlers made their way into this area. It follows the Allegheny Mountains from Maryland all the way to the southern border with Virginia.

Dad and Rob are a little better equipped for touring than I am. Especially so after my shifting rod fell off during some hard shifting going up 3,600ft Backbone Mountain. From here on out, I’m stuck to fourth gear.

Riding motorcycles in West Virginia

Thomas, WV

For lunch, we’ve stopped at the little town of Thomas, WV. Recently profiled in the New York Times, Thomas and towns like it nearby are poised for a comeback. Just three hours from Washington DC, these towns draw outdoorsy types looking to get away from suburbia and into the mountains.

We even saw a Tesla (with Virginia plates); not something you see with regularity is West Virginia.

Walking through downtown, we pass great little stores and galleries, ultimately choosing the Purple Fiddle for some mid-day sustenance.

Front Street Grocers, Thomas, WVThomas, WV

Blackwater Falls

The jewel of the park is the 62-foot Blackwater Falls. An iconic West Virginia natural landmark, the falls are not only unique in color but in shape, too. The sandstone outcropping that splits the river into two falls helps to make them instantly recognizable.

Blackwater Falls, WVBlackwater Falls Panorama

The “blackwater” coloring is actually created far upstream. The river there is slow-moving. Fallen needles from eastern hemlock and red spruce that line the river decay in the river and tint the water the dark amber color.

Blackwater FallsBlackwater Falls, WV

Heading home

Too bad my big Valentino Rossi moment fell flat on Backbone Mountain, now we’ll see how much fun I can have in fourth gear for 70 country miles (actually, it was still fun).

Honda VFR400RSelfie with dad

Another fun ride in the books!

Visit Blackwater Falls State Park

The 2,358-acre state park is more than just the falls. There are many hiking opportunities, a second waterfall, a 54-room main lodge with restaurant, camping and well-appointed cabins for rent.

Like all West Virginia state parks, Blackwater Falls State Park is free to visit.

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  • Daniel Rundle . October 30, 2018 . Reply

    Mom and I enjoyed the pictures! I also enjoyed the ride with you and Rob, great ride! We will do it again!

  • Jo Walsh . October 20, 2018 . Reply

    Lovely has always .Jim & I spent some of our honeymoon there.West Virginia is really so beautiful/

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