Vashon Island: A video

May 14, 2017/Jonathan Rundle/1 Comment

Ever expanding my hobbies and interests, I took a few new toys to the Island one Sunday afternoon. I enlisted fellow motorcyclists and photographers/videographers Doug Lyon and Michael O’Neill to ride and shoot some video for fun.

Equipped with my new 3DR Solo Drone, a DJI Osmo, and Michael’s DJI Phantom 4 we picked a few corners and a few Vashon landmarks and got to work.

This video is the result. I hope you enjoy.

Video info:

Jonathan Rundle (@jontheroadagain), Doug Lyon (@_douglyon), and Michael O’Neill (@stolenmatches) take a trip to Vashon Island for a little motorcycling and video makin’ (now in 4k!)

Equipment used:
DJI Phantom 4
3DR Solo
DJI Osmo

Motos ridden:
Triumph Tiger 1050
Triumph Bonneville
Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

Sandwiches eaten:
2 BLTs
1 Burger

Islands visited:

Filming on the back of a motorcycle

I'm getting the shot by hanging on to Michael 2-up.

Photos by Doug Lyon

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  • JoWalsh . July 10, 2017 . Reply

    Very pretty.

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