A Twin Peaks filming locations tour

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Twin Peaks is a classic TV Series set in a fictional Northwest town. The show centers around the mysterious death of a popular high schooler named Laura Palmer and the effect her death has on the small town. Today’s post covers what I consider the two top Twin Peaks filming locations to visit within an hour of Seattle. Let’s go find some “damn fine” coffee and cherry pie. This post best read with a little background music.

Bainbridge Island

The trip to see these important Twin Peaks filming locations begins with a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island. Most people think everything you need to see is on the east side – near North Bend – but not so. We’re making our way to Kiana Lodge, which provided the interiors for not only the Great Northern Hotel but also for Pete, Catherine and Josie’s home, the Blue Pine Lodge.

First, the essential “leaving Seattle on a ferry” photo.


Once we get to land again, it’s time to make the short drive toward Poulsbo. The lodge is tucked away from the main road and only marked by some small signage. You’re certain to miss it if not guided by GPS.

Laura’s Log

Outside of Kiana Lodge, you’re certain to see the huge log anchored down along the shoreline. It was here that Pete found lovely Laura’s plastic-wrapped body which had washed up on the river bank.


Try as I might, I couldn’t get Whitney to lay down where Laura’s was found just for this photo. Also, that’s no river – it’s Hood Canal! With canal in the name, you might think it is manmade, but it is actually a natural fjord.

The “real” Great Northern Hotel

The Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls served as the exterior of The Great Northern, but it was here at the Kiana Lodge that they shot interiors. Inside, we first come to the Great Northern’s conference room. This is where Leyland got the news about his daughter’s death.


The back wall here in the conference room served as the wall behind the hotel’s reception desk.


A few other scenes at the Great Northern included the fireplace, too.

Kiana Lodge Fireplace

Blue Pine Lodge

Kiana Lodge served as the exteriors for the Blue Pine Lodge, aka Pete’s place. You might recognize the totem pole from a few of those Blue Pine shots.

Kiana Lodge Totem

Near North Bend

As you know, North Bend, WA served as the fictional town of Twin Peaks, so naturally, most of the filming took place in that vicinity. If you’re a true nut you could visit a lot more than I describe here, but for brevity’s sake, let’s just hit the high points.

Salish Lodge

The Salish Lodge, perched on the edge of Snoqualmie Falls served as the exterior of the Great Northern Hotel. You won’t recognize the inside, as nothing was filmed there.

Snoqualmie Falls Panorama

Snoqualmie Falls is a great place to observe the awesome power of nature and it’s a good intro to the region’s first experiments with Hydropower.

Snoqualmie Falls Detail

Even better if you can manage to visit the falls on a moody autumn or winter’s day because you can really feel the Twin Peaks vibe. I can see Audrey moping around the Great Northern grounds now…

Snoqualmie Falls

Twede’s Cafe aka The Double R

You’ll most definitely want to visit Twede’s Cafe, which served as the Double-R Diner. As far as restaurants go, it’s middle of the road, gut-filling fare – Agent Dale Cooper probably wouldn’t write a glowing Yelp review today. But it’s a can’t miss stop if you’re making the trip to North Bend as a Twin Peaks fan.

Twede's Cafe

More Twin Peaks Filming Locations:

My thanks go to ever-geeky In Twin Peaks, which is your definitive source for more Twin Peaks filming locations.

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