Renting a boat at Lake Chelan

June 23, 2014/Jonathan Rundle/0 Comments

Once you’ve soaked in enough sun from the shore, you’ll want to get out on the water. (And yes, I am wearing shorts in the above photo, I promise!)

We went with Shoreline of Chelan for our rental, but there are many more rental places around the lake. Shoreline was the first result in Google, had the best reviews on Facebook and had prices and photos easily accessible on their website. Isn’t it crazy how a good digital marketing strategy can sway consumers into a purchase? Sorry, the marketing side of me takes over sometimes.

Anyway, we rented for 1/2 a day (which is four hours) and with the smallest boat it came to about $170. You’re on the hook for refilling the boat across the lake, so if you really go exploring the price can jump up. We used about 3/8ths of a tank in our exploration which added $36 to the tab.

Lake Chelan isn’t one of those places I’ll be going to every year (although many Seattleites do), so the splurge was one I felt was worth it. If you’re driving four hours to see a lake, you might as well get on it right?

Deep and Wide Lake Chelan

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