Point No Point Lighthouse and Park

May 27, 2015/Jonathan Rundle/1 Comment

My favorite Pacific Northwest lighthouse and views that are unequaled on a clear day. Pair this with a trip to Mount Walker and you’ve got yourself a pretty great “Mountains to Sound” motorcycle ride.

This area is so pretty and the lighthouse so cool that the United States Lighthouse Society calls one-half of the keeper’s home their headquarters. The other half is available as a vacation rental.

Point No Point holds some historical significance as shown by this plaque. I guess in 1956 it is a proud thing to have ripped off the natives for this highly valuable land 100 years earlier. The US gets the land, the natives are given crappy reservation land and $60,000. Great treaty!

Point No Point Plaque

Of course, critiquing the past is not why we’re here! We’re here to see these incredible views of Mount Baker, the lovely lighthouse and sink our toes into the sand while sitting on huge driftwood piles.

Mt. BakerPoint no point beachdriftwood

And this view which is a jaw-dropper. On this perfectly clear day, Seattle is plainly seen with the naked eye at the foot of what appears to be a gargantuan Mount Rainier.

Seattle Skyline with Rainier

Leaving Point No Point, the next stop will be the Bainbridge Ferry as the sun drops a little further down toward the horizon. On the way home, a little girl points out the Seattle skyline to her dad. Another wonderful view on a perfect Pacific Northwest summer day.

Little Girl on the ferry

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