Pacific Northwest Concours at LeMay Museum

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The Pacific Northwest Concours is a three-day event and a crown jewel for the LeMay Museum in Tacoma. It began on Friday with a 100-mile Tour d’Jour – a drive for the participants around scenic roads around the Puget Sound (reminiscent of the Eight Flags Road Tour on Amelia Island). Whitney and I visited the exhibition and awards ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

Hood Ornaments


Bespoke leather luggage in a Jaguar

Lincoln Zephyr Interior


rat fink wheel

The event also has participants dressing to match their cars.

Period Dress

Sadly, the driver of this creatively plated Lamborghini Countach was not wearing a neon-colored nylon jacket or a white suit and pastel t-shirt.

Red Bull Countach

In addition to the Countach, newer cars were there aplenty – including new Ferraris, more Lambos and the very impressive BMW i8. However, my heart beats for older split-grilles.

BMW Grille

When you’re a pretty girl, you get to sit in the councours cars. Here Whitney is treated to a new Facebook profile photo courtesy of the owner of this beautiful red Mercedes Benz. Now she’s got the bug for an early 60’s European convertible. Funny how that happens.

A photo in a Benz

The “Best in Show” winner was this 1932 Auburn Speedster (owned by Bruce Wanta) — one of several entries showcased in three categories devoted to the cars of E.L. Cord, the late business baron and former owner of the Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg car companies.

Auburn Boat tail Speedster

Auburn taillight

Auburn Spare Tire

It goes without saying that this vehicle is a work of art – right down to the glass ornament on the hood.

Auburn Hood Ornament

The Pacific Northwest Concours is a great event for the refined gearhead. The price of admission allows for entry into the LeMay Museum, so if you’ve never been, try to visit on a special event day and get a little more bang for your buck.

LeMay Museum Concours

PNW Concours Ribbon

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