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March 8, 2015/Jonathan Rundle/1 Comment

Today I led a group of motorcyclists on a quick trip to Vashon Island, one of my favorite motorcycling destinations close to Seattle. In this post, I’ll point out some of the places we went and my favorite spots on the island.

First, let’s load up the ferry!

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Have a look at the map. Starting from the Vashon Ferry Terminal from Seattle, we break off the main road to the west down Cedarhurst Road. This is a nice, curvy road with a shady canopy over the road. You might see some irregular blacktop or some wet leaves here. This will straighten out and turn into Westside Highway. You’ll go past a church on the right and then look out for an uphill right with a curves ahead type of road sign. Go with the curves up this hill. It’s lots of fun at speed. Next up is Cove Road which is straight and boring. You’ll come up to Vashon Highway which is the main drag.

Follow that all the way down to the high school and make a left. Now you’re heading toward the water, which is fun. Stay left and follow signs to the lighthouse. The lighthouse, aka Point Robinson Park, is a good place to get out and walk around. Especially if you’re with people who have not been to Vashon, the lighthouse and beach are a good place to explore for a short break.

Ride break at the #beach #vashon @fuseboxriders #fuseboxriders

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Back on the road, you’ll now head back around Quartermaster Harbor. It will connect with Vashon Highway (aka the main drag you were on earlier) and you can follow this down to the ferry dock that connects to Point Defiance in Tacoma. I never take that ferry, but I do like the little switchback that is just northeast of the ferry dock.

Sunday jaunt around Vashon with the @fuseboxriders & co. The weather was kind to us this weekend.

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The road that has that switchback will connect again with Vashon Highway and you can follow that back into downtown to get something to eat before heading back to Seattle. My favorite place is The Hardware Store for a beer and a sandwich.

Good photo from the ride yesterday. Me being cool with my visor down. Repost from @andrewawwsome

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Vashon Island is more than just this route. There are nice areas all over the island, so feel free to explore and let me know your favorite route.

Featured photo credit goes to the talented Jenny Linquist

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