Motorcycle Cannonball 2014 Finish Line in Tacoma, WA

September 21, 2014/Jonathan Rundle/0 Comments

Seventeen days after it began in Daytona Beach, the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball has come to a close.

The competitors covered 3,938 miles over 16 stages on their pre-1937 motorcycles, sometimes covering over 300 miles in a day. Through each of the stages support crews stayed busy fixing engines into the wee hours of the morning. Some of these old machines were barely hanging on by the finish, and a few had to be pushed across. The only total loss was Ken Smith’s #106 1928 Harley Davidson JD which caught fire and was destroyed.

This version of the Cannonball was revived in 2010 and is run every other year, meaning the next event will be in 2016. Maybe one of these days, I might be blogging along with it. Now excuse me while I visit ebay…

A few photos:
Henderson PlugsCannonball PoseSeattle CossacksIndian Tank

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