LeMay Museum: Modified Madness Opening

December 14, 2015/Jonathan Rundle/0 Comments

I’m no stranger to visiting the LeMay Museum in Tacoma, they put on some great events throughout the year. Notably, “The Meet at LeMay ACM” a motorcycle show and ride and the Pacific Northwest Concours. My photos from the latter event are the reason why I was invited to the museum to document their latest show opening – American Muscle: Modified Madness.

Tonight’s event brings the owners of the cars and the patrons of the museum together for a big unveil. The stars of the show lie in wait under semi-opaque parachutes.

Hidden buick skylark

GTO Under Wraps

LeMay Unveil

Modi­fied Madness is about “restomod” muscle cars from 1964 – 1972 that have been contemporized in appearance and/or performance. You know these cars, but each is modified in some way.

Pontiac GTO

Plymouth Barracuda

Nova SS

Bright Red GTO

The warm wood glulam ceiling (hey, I worked for Weyerhaeuser) provides a great backdrop to the cool metal of the cars.

1970 Plymouth Roadrunner

Buick Skylark

I was completely smitten with this grey / dark grey / red pinstriped Dodge Charger. If the Duke boys grew up in the Pacific Northwest, their ride might have looked something like this.

Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger

The LeMay Museum is always a favorite. If you’re into muscle cars, now is the time to visit!

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