Dirt Quake is an off-the-rails shit show and a motorcyclist’s paradise.

By definition, it’s a two-day flat track race. Day one features the pros, while day two is a run-what-you-brung mix of choppers, sportbikes, mini-bikes, pizza-shaped three-wheelers and snowmobiles competing for tops in their respective classes. But it really is a celebration of all that is awesome in America – and it’s put on by a bunch of Brits!

See See Motor Coffee and Sideburn Magazine are the reasons why this awesome event exists. Bravo. Okay, more photos of this self-described shit show.

Dirt Quake Turn 2

dirt quake stare down

The racing was pretty hard-fought and exciting. Some people seemed to mail it in, happy to take their three laps reasonably – while others went all out like the guy below. Luckily he was alright after his high-side.

Dirt Quake Highside

This year they added a jump competition. As you can see, you are responsible for your own safety. That’s at once refreshing but also harrowing if you’re trying to get an exciting photo. Note that after this photo, my camera angle changes from front-and-center to sideline. I might be one of the only people to get yelled at by the safety crew all weekend.

Dirt Quake Jump

Dirt Quake Jump

Dirt Quake in 'Murica!

For comparison, I went to the first Dirt Quake USA last year – check out that post here: Dirt Quake USA 2014

I rode home with Aaron and Will of the #fuseboxriders (wait, hashtags don’t work here) on an awesome route Will knew that didn’t involve I-5. All-in-all a pretty awesome weekend for riding and gettin’ wild.

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