Cheney Stadium and the Tacoma Rainiers

May 17, 2015/Jonathan Rundle/0 Comments

My favorite team being the Mets, their AAA affiliate is in town for a four-game series against the Tacoma Rainiers.

I suited up in all of my Mets gear and drove down to Tacoma to support the team. Rhubarb spotted me and tried to throw me out of his stadium.

Baseball is summer. It’s sun, dirt, beer and hot dogs.

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Cheney Stadium is a fantastic facility. The seats are right on top of the action and there’s not a bad one to be found. During the three games that I attended, I sat on the outfield deck, higher up on the first base side and at the visitor’s clubhouse tunnel. While sitting in the latter, I watched the excellent Rainier’s staff tell stories with the season ticket holders, pass out fresh baked cookies to those seated behind home plate and help the kids get a baseball at the inning break.

Rainiers Staff help the kids get a baseball

Sitting by the dugout/clubhouse entrance is the best place in the park. There you can really experience the ups and downs of baseball. The frustration on the players’ faces and the excitement when something good happens is contagious. Here, Las Vegas 51’s player Danny Muno waits on deck.

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I’m a purist when it comes to mid-inning entertainment. Show some bloopers on the video screen and play some organ music and I’m happy. The Mariners go way over the top with mid-inning entertainment to the extent that it feels grating. It’s not the case here at Rainier’s stadium. Their crew (along with Rhubarb) run around the stadium playing trivia games and shooting t-shirts into the stands. Rhubarb dances on the dugout and interacts with fans. I give them high marks for fan engagement. Plus, you can’t lose when it’s Kid’s Run the Bases day.

Run the bases time!

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