Motorcycling Utah State Route 95

May 30, 2016/Jonathan Rundle/4 Comments

The roads of Utah have been very good to us so far, and none have been better than Motorcycling State Route 95.

This section of our journey begins just outside of Blanding, Utah. During a brief lunch stop there, a group of three motorcyclists warned us of heavy rain that they’d just ridden through along 95, which had me a little worried. I didn’t pack any rain gear for this trip. Clouds often hung in the distance, but we haven’t seen rain since Snoqualmie Pass back on day one.

A quick check of the weather radar showed the system was breaking up and blowing in the right direction for dry roads. Rain or no rain, we ride on.

This post is all about the lovely slice of road between Blanding and Hanksville. Utah Route 95 branches off from 191 there at Blanding and leads us to our first stop: Natural Bridges National Monument. Our last stop on 95 will be Hanksville, but not before camping at Lake Powell. What’s this road like? See below.

Utah State Route 95Utah Route 95Utah State Route 95

Michael sums it up pretty well. We were all having a good time. No rain, no traffic, lots of curves and incredible views. Just before Hite, we spot a great turn-off to get those all-important new profile and/or cover photos.

Utah State Route 95Utah State Route 95

Motorcycle riding Utah

Photo by Michael O’Neill (IG: @stolenmatches)

Utah State Route 95Utah State Route 95Utah State Route 95Utah State Route 95Utah State Route 95

Aaron shows his prowess at stacking rocks on rocks.

Stacking Rocks in Utahcheezin in Utah

After some cheezing, we were back on the road. But seriously, just look at this road. LOOK AT IT.

Utah State Route 95

We gas up at the only station in Hite and set off to find a camping spot.

Gas at Hite

Motorcycling Utah State Route 95

Epic scenery, virtually no other humans (including police), and twisties everywhere make this road one for the memory banks. If you have the chance to ride through here, do not miss out.

Up Next

We are off to Lake Powell to do a little “primitive” camping. On BLM land, you can camp anywhere! Continue on our Utah journey and see that post here: BLM camping at Lake Powell, UT.

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  • Maxine K. . April 8, 2018 . Reply

    Been there… and very happily done that! Oh how I love this area between Hanksville and Blanding, but mostly around the Lake Powell area. Last found the route 276 to Bullfrog by Ticaboo, what an amazing land! Have you been there specifically? Thank you for the wonderful pictures!

    • (Author) Jonathan Rundle . April 9, 2018 . Reply

      Thanks for reading and commenting Maxine! That route was considered as part of the planning process, but didn’t make the cut as we thought we wouldn’t have time (and a ferry can always complicate things). I love little ferries like the one that crosses Lake Powell on that route. I hope to be back to Utah some day soon and would certainly consider this route.

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