BLM camping at Lake Powell, Utah

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After a long day of riding we’re up for some BLM camping at Lake Powell. Also known as primitive camping, in Utah you can camp wherever you want on Bureau of Land Management land. That’s what we’re doing here at Lake Powell near Hite, UT.

After riding all day along Utah 95, home for the night is actually the lake bed of Lake Powell. We followed the Hite Marina boat launch and rode to a spot we liked. This open area that had some wood nearby was perfect for us.

Camping at Lake PowellCamping at Lake Powell

Once tents were set up, I set out to bring over some wood to get our bonfire going.

Camping at Lake Powell

Aaron and Michael set the blaze and we cooked up some dinner and passed around some booze.

Camping at Lake PowellCamping at Lake Powell

The stars were out, and so were the moon flowers.

These are datura jimson weed, as I have now found out that they are called, have hallucinogenic properties. I don’t know this from experience, but I read that they landed people in the hospital, even killing some.

moonflower at lake powell

We decided to have some fun light painting over a long exposure. That’s me writing with my headlamp. Pretty good, I think!

Fuse Box Riders Light Painting UtahCamping at Lake Powell

Motocamping morning at lake powell

Photo by Michael O’Neill (IG: @stolenmatches)

The next morning we finished our ride through the canyons of 95 with a fantastic breakfast at Blondie’s in Hanksville. This little local hot spot features greasy spoon favorites and a gift shop so you can get all your necessary Hanksville memorabilia, such as a “Where the hell is Hanksville” t-shirt. The breakfast was a hit.


The porch out front has little spyglasses made from metal pipe. Scrawled onto each is an explanation of what you’re seeing. I thought it was a very charming touch.


About BLM Camping at Lake Powell

The water was so low, we followed the boat ramp all the way to it’s end and still didn’t see water. With BLM camping, you can find the spot that suits you and set up for the night. Grab some supplies before Hite (or make sure the little gas station will be open). We arrived and bought a couple of Poweraids from the vending machine after filling up. Thankfully the gas stations were open 24 hours (unlike in Oregon!).

Up Next

We’re off to Capitol Reef National Park, then off to Bryce Canyon National Park via Utah Scenic Byway 12.


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