Reunion Tower Observation Deck in Dallas, TX

November 8, 2015/Jonathan Rundle/0 Comments

Like a moth to a flame, I’m once again visiting an observation deck. This time it’s to have a look at Dallas during sunset.

At 501 feet, the Reunion Tower is a little bit shorter than the Space Needle in Seattle which reaches 605 feet.

Reunion Tower

501 feet is nothing to sneeze at. That places Reunion Tower for the 12th tallest building in Dallas – and still a long way down.

Looking down to the street below at Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower is probably the most recognizable building in Dallas. Closed in 2007 for renovations, the new observation deck didn’t re-open until October 2013. The overall impression delivered is fresh and immersive – giving off an experience much more hip than you’d expect from a 37-year-old building.

At night, the globe at the top is illuminated with 259 custom LED fixtures which light up independently to create patterns for special events, or simply going all one color such as green for St. Patrick’s Day.

Enough about that – you’re here for the view. All of the top sights can be seen from here: The Texas State Fairgrounds, the Pegasus neon sign and the rest of downtown, Dealey Plaza and even AT&T Stadium in Irving which is 17 miles away.

Looking to Dealey Plaza from Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower hosts a restaurant, an open-air observation deck and an interior observation deck called the GeO-Deck. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I couldn’t help but think of a geoduck every time I saw it written out on signage. I digress.

The GeO-Deck has a number of really great interactive exhibits that help you understand what you’re looking at in addition to explaining the significance of the site. Take some time to play on these screens as you take in the view.

GeO-Deck at Reunion Tower

While you can get a great experience from the safe refuge of the GeO-Deck, I much prefer stepping outside, feeling the wind and hearing the muted sounds of the city.

Outdoor observation deck

Observation deck at Reunion Tower

Sunset from Reunion Tower

What to know

I don’t think there’s any reason to plan ahead. We were here on what would seem to be peak time—a beautiful fall day at sunset—and it was very easy to get in, get up and explore all we wanted. The video screens were not overcrowded either, as they usually can be.

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