Trading Places Filming Locations

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One of the great (and perhaps unsung) Christmas movies in my humble opinion is 1983’s Trading Places. In this blog post, I’m taking the time to follow the footsteps of Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy; the stars of this comedy classic. Follow me to these Trading Places Filming Locations.

Winthorpe Home

Louis Winthorpe and Billy Ray Valentine call 2014 Delancey Street, Philadelphia, PA home. Coleman the butler, played by Denholm Elliot, also called this address home. He proved pivotal in bringing the two together to defeat the Dukes.

Winthorpe Home from Trading PlacesWinthorpe Home from Trading Places

Independence Hall

As “Louie” is explaining his situation to Ophelia in a taxi cab, he happens to cross paths with Billy Ray and Coleman in his old limo. They notice each other and Louis hangs out of the taxi window yelling “that’s my car!”

See my full post on Independence Hall.

Independence Hall

The statue of George Washington watches it all unfold. John Landis loved using statues and paintings for reaction shots in this movie and in 1980’s the Blues Brothers.

Washington Statue at Independence Hall

Near Philadelphia City Hall

After Louis meets Ophelia outside of the Police Station, he takes her to his bank where he “has over $150,000” deposited. Unfortunately, his accounts are frozen by the IRS.

This is the view Louis would have seen as he crawled on his knees to Ophelia. Behind him is the 45-foot tall public sculpture “Clothespin” by Claes Oldenburg.

Trading Places Filming Locations

Duke and Duke Building

Now a Wells Fargo, the Duke and Duke building is unchanged from the 80s and remains as imposing now as it did on Billy Ray’s first day.

Duke and Duke building from Trading PlacesDuke and Duke building from Trading PlacesDuke and Duke building from Trading Places

A drunk and destitute Louis stumbles out of the Duke and Duke Christmas Party here after stealing a massive salmon filet and shoving it into his Santa suit.

Duke and Duke building from Trading Places

Louis then stumbles out of the building and onto a bus while Valentine gives chase. That street is Broad Street looking toward Philadelphia City Hall.

Broad Street Philadelphia

You can find the Duke and Duke building at 135 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Other Trading Places Filming Locations

Billy Ray is arrested after walking away from Rittenhouse Square and bumping into Louis along Locust Street in front of “The Heritage Club.” The fictional Heritage Club is based on the very real, elite Union League which is actually located across the street from the Duke and Duke building.

They didn’t film anything there, but here’s a picture of it anyway.

Union League of Philadelphia

The exterior of The Heritage Club is actually The Curtis Institute of Music located at 1726 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA.

The filming location I’d really like to feature is from the last scene in the movie. Spoiler alert – Louis, Billy Ray, Ophelia and Coleman defeat the Dukes and retire to St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. I’ll update this post when I eventually visit those beaches.

“Looking good, Billy Ray! Feeling good, Louis!”

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  • GthruK . April 27, 2023 . Reply

    What was the name of the restaurant they filmed the dinner scene in? Where was it? What is it today? Thanks!

    • (Author) Jonathan Rundle . July 13, 2023 . Reply

      I don’t know the answer to this one, sorry!

  • Lian . February 7, 2023 . Reply

    The Union League should have allowed them to use it for the fictional Heritage Club at a price. They are always looking for more funding. The UL now owns properties in NJ and DE too. Expanding the elite tentacles. I’ve visited, as a guest, a few times and stayed in it’s Inn overnight.

  • Gregory Ray . February 1, 2023 . Reply

    This picture is not the Curtis Institute of Music. This is the Union League of Philadelphia located at 140 South Broad Street.

    • (Author) Jonathan Rundle . February 11, 2023 . Reply

      Yes, as I say in the post the very real Union League is what the very fake Heritage Club from the movie is based on. As I say, “They didn’t film anything there, but here’s a picture of it anyway.”

  • Yaya . January 20, 2023 . Reply

    Does anyone know info about the inside of the home where Louis & Billy Ray lived? Was it filmed inside a real house?

    • (Author) Jonathan Rundle . February 17, 2023 . Reply

      In my research, I found this:
      “…according to studio production notes … an Upper East Side residence … was used for the interiors of Winthorpe’s home. The apartment of “Ophelia,” Barney’s Pawn Shop, and the interiors of the police station were all shot in New York City even though they had Philadelphia locations in the context of the film.”


  • D jones. . December 25, 2022 . Reply

    So many mansions like that in Ardmore, Villanova, etc. Weird that they chose the one in Long Island for the Dukes!! “WE CAN MAKE IT, BABY….ME AND YOU!”

  • Mortimer Duke . October 21, 2022 . Reply

    Who’s been putting out their Kools on my floor!?!?

    • (Author) Jonathan Rundle . November 7, 2022 . Reply

      It was a stone groove my man!

  • Toni Brazil . June 25, 2022 . Reply

    Finished watching the movie and I was just wondering what beach in St. Croix was the marvelous last scene filmed.

    • (Author) Jonathan Rundle . July 31, 2022 . Reply

      It’s such a classic. Glad you stopped by and commented!

  • Eric . January 27, 2021 . Reply

    I have been to St Croix it is Beautiful. My best friends parents are from there and have recently built a house there.

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