PNC Park is the Best Ballpark in Baseball

July 25, 2020/Jonathan Rundle/0 Comments

Good evening fans! Tonight we’re visiting the prettiest park in all of Major League Baseball, PNC Park. I reminisce about this visit from 2019 when we could still watch sports in person.

The impetus for this trip is to visit family in West Virginia. Later on my dad and I will ride motorcycles to Blackwater Falls. But because I have to fly into Pittsburgh, why not have a little bonus baseball?

My dad and uncle are with me today and we’ve got a cooler full of beers and pepperoni rolls. What more could you want for a little parking lot tailgate before the game?

PNC Park Tailgating

Inside PNC Park

PNC Park’s gates open a few hours early to take in batting practice, get a Primanti Brothers sandwich and an Iron City, or just take in these views.

PNC ParkPNC Park

For a little extra pre-game excitement, military paratroopers bring in the team flag and the American flag.

PNC ParkPNC Park

With a little final preparation for the field, we’re ready to…

Play Ball!

Obviously the views of the skyline across the Allegheny River are magnificent, but you’re here to watch the game.┬áPNC Park offers some of the closest seats in all of baseball.

PNC ParkPNC ParkTV camera baseball PNC Park

Seventh Inning Stretch

“Take me aht ta da bawgame, take me aht wit da crahd!”

PNC Park

A Walk in the Park

Nighttime has come in the city of Pittsburgh and the retro-styled spotlights now illuminate play.

PNC Park Panorama

Many long-time (long-suffering, really) Pirates fans have become local celebrities. One is “Baseball Joe” Vogel.

PNC Park

Baseball Joe is deaf and mute after a series of strokes, but he’s still the most passionate fan you’ll find. He’s cheering on the team and chastising anyone who isn’t under the right field bleachers at every home contest. See more about Baseball Joe in this excellent blog post.

PNC Park

This park shines day and night. The Roberto Clemente Bridge stands out in yellow against the metropolitan backdrop of downtown Pittsburgh.

PNC Park

Little touches like these team-color pansies soften the edge that many other parks keep sharpened. I’m looking at stadiums like Nationals Park and Safeco Field – fine parks that do not elevate to the level of PNC Park.

PNC Park

Pittsburgh Baseball Club

One of the luxury sections of the stadium, the Pittsburgh Baseball Club is the first section of seats on the second (upper) deck. Again, even the upper deck is close to the field because it is the only deck. Some parks have 4 or 5 decks, but you’ll find only two here at PNC Park.

PNC Park

The Pittsburgh Baseball Club has a very mancave feel to it. Play billiards if you want, I guess. There are some exclusive food options here and the concourse is much less crowded compared to general public areas. Those might be good reasons to upgrade your seats.

PNC ParkPNC Park

The Great Pittsburgh Pierogi Race

One of PNC Park’s claims to fame is this mascot race. Jalapeno Hanna, Oliver Onion, Saurkraut Saul, and Burt Bacon raced in tonight’s sprint.

PNC Park

Inspired by the racing sausages at Miller Park, this type of “mascot race” has really spread across the majors since they made their debut. The Pierogis actually travel to Miller Park to race the sausages and to Washington DC to race the Presidental mascots when the Pirates play those teams.

PNC Park

Bucs win!

Root root root for my home team
A new Pirate generation, everybody shout “Let’s go Bucs!”

A song that’s been played since Jason Kendall was still taking regular swings with the Pirates.

Pittsburgh Pirates MascotPNC ParkPNC Park

Wave goodbye to Pirate legend Honus Wagner as you head back to your car.

Visiting PNC Park

You can check out PNC during any Pirate home game or on off-days you can take the PNC Park Guided Tour. The guided tour takes you behind the scenes to the bullpen, the press box, and the locker room.

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