The One Motorcycle Show 2015

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The One Motorcycle Show has been going on for 6 years now – growing every year. I took a two-wheeled trip down to Portland on an abnormally beautiful February weekend.

First things first, I get to visit my buddy Chris who is putting me up for the night. We meet up at a local bar called Leisure Public House in the St. John’s neighborhood of Portland. They have a bocce court which ended up providing us this “you make the call” moment. Who gets the point?

You make the call: #bocce edition

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I also get to meet their rambunctious little heeler named Hank Williams – named after some singer or something.

This little guy’s name is Hank Williams. He probably has lots of rowdy friends. #dogsofinstagram

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That night, the show opened with a line around the block. Or so I was told, we walked right in. Maybe there was a line at the time, maybe there wasn’t. Sorry if we skipped you. Anyway, the bikes were pretty damn cool, as you might guess.

Leather motorcycle seat

Chopper: Detail.

Yamaha racer built by Deus

Custom BMW at The One Moto

The event also features local and national vendors, a swap meet, beer, food and an art exhibit featuring custom painted Bell Bullitt helmets called “21 Helmets.”

The real fun was outside at the mini-bike race. Plywood and hay bales are all that stand between you and a broken leg. Challenge your friends or just watch the cluster unfold before your eyes. Either way, fun for the whole family.

Playing catch-up at the #minibike #race #motorcycle #the1moto #theoneshow #caferacerxxx #ironandair

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The next day, it was time to head back north. But not before stopping by the St. John’s bridge for a few photos. See my post on the St. John’s Bridge for more.

Taking a minute to sightsee before heading back to Seattle. #portland #oregon #stjohns #stjohnsbridge #bridge #riveting

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The One Moto Show is completely free to attend and put on by the fine folks over at See See Motor Coffee Company.

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