Rocky Butte Park provides an incredible view of points north and west of Portland, Oregon. It’s an easy road trip to the top and is a must-visit on a clear day (like today!)

The winding, scenic road to the top includes a really cool 375-foot long curved tunnel. When you reach the top, immediately you see the extensive stonework supporting the upper park.

The road, tunnel and the stone entranceways were built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in the mid-1930s.

Rocky Butte ParkRocky Butte Park

Man, they did some good work back then, didn’t they? Today this would probably just be cast concrete.

Technically in this post, I’m specifically writing about┬áthe 2-acre Joseph Wood Hill Park within the larger 17-acre Rocky Butte Natural Area.

The park is named after J. W. Hill who built a military school near the park in the early 1930s. There is a monument to him and the people involved with turning this spot into a public park.

Rocky Butte ParkRocky Butte Park

Next to this monument is another device that points out the views from the park.

Rocky Butte Park

Using this mountain wayfinder, you’ll know just where to look to find your mountain view.

Rocky Butte Park

Views from Rocky Butte Park

At 613 feet, Rocky Butte Park is the place for those incredible mountain views.

Expect to see everyone walking around with their phones out, striking all the classic poses. This one is still probably his profile photo.

Rocky Butte ParkRocky Butte Park

The view to the north shows Mount St. Helens 50 miles away.

Rocky Butte Park

The view to the east is of Mount Hood, only 40 miles away.

Rocky Butte ParkRocky Butte ParkRocky Butte Park

The sun is starting to set behind downtown Portland, casting a golden hour glow across the landscape.

Rocky Butte ParkRocky Butte Park

As the lights come on in the park, the temperature drops and our stomachs start to growl. Time to head downtown and find some dinner.

But not before one last peek at Mount Hood.

Rocky Butte Park

Visit Rocky Butte Park

The park is open from 5am to midnight daily. Bring a jacket, bring a picnic blanket, bring a friend, and bring a camera.

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