The southernmost point in the US: South Point

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Here we are at South Point on the Big Island – the southernmost point in the US! Judging by the scenery of this part of the island, you might think there’s nothing to see here. Wrong!

Driving off the Hawaii Belt Road main road by about 10 miles, there are a bunch of people down here in the middle of nowhere, so there must be something to this little spot.

South point coast view Hawaii

Past the wind farm and the wide-open spaces, you’ll make it to the cliffs of the southernmost point in these United States. You’ll find people fishing, eating lunch, watching the waves crash against the craggy shoreline, and people cliff diving. Wait, cliff diving?

south point cliffs hawaii

Cliff Diving at South Point

Yep. See that little wooden platform? Brave swimmers use it as their launchpad into the Pacific Ocean.

cliff diving south point

I am not a brave swimmer, so anyone who darts past a view like this into the ocean commands my respect.

cliff diving south point

After plunging into the abyss, the way back up isn’t any more reassuring! That rickety, rusty old ladder is your connection back to the island.

cliff jumping ladder south point hawaii

Today we’re lucky to see a volunteer ready to make the leap. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do it for the ‘gram.

cliff diving south pointa cliff diver climbing back to the top of the cliff

She certainly seemed to have fun doing it – and the onlookers applauded her effort.

There are few wells worth looking into here. You can really see the interesting basalt structure of the cliffs all the way down to the ocean below. A few big crashes at high tide, and the water spouts up through the hole.

South point well HawaiiSouth point well Hawaii

Visiting the southernmost point in the US

There’s a fairly large sign on the Belt Road for the road that takes you to South Point. But, you might miss it so be sure to lean Google Maps for the assist. Next on your journey around the Hawaii Belt Road, you’ll want to visit Papakolead Green Sand Beach, Punalu’u Black Sand Beach and the Punalu’u Bake Shop.

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