Maui Sunset Cruise with Trilogy

April 6, 2021/Jonathan Rundle/0 Comments

It’s a lovely evening for a Maui Sunset Cruise with Trilogy Excursions. I chose this cruise because they clearly stated their COVID protocols on their website and had excellent reviews. We want to have fun, but be safe, too.

Start the Maui Sunset Cruise

Leaving from Lahaina Harbor, there are plenty of places to park nearby. Pay to park in a lot, or find street parking which is free for the first three hours. The catamaran seems to be at only about 25% capacity, which means it feels very safe we’ll have a lot more space to move around. With our close attention to COVID safety on Maui, we felt good about this cruise. Let’s sail!

Sunset Cruise selfie

While we kept our masks on usually, the air movement is obviously really good here on the boat and everyone kept their distance. We had no qualms about removing our masks to eat and drink. Trilogy advised everyone to keep masks on before the boat got out to sea, but once out at sea, they could be removed.

Sunset Cruise SelfieMaui Sunset Cruise Drinks

Heading into the wind, it was chilly and the water was choppy. In the first 20 minutes, those two poor souls in the photo above caught a big splash heading into the chop.

But after a while, the boat turned with the wind, the sail was unfurled (slightly, since it was so windy), and we could cruise along comfortably without the need of an engine.

Trilogy Maui Catamaran

Food and Drink

The open bar is obviously one of the reasons we chose Trilogy, but so was the way they served food. We’ve been on cruises before that are buffet-style. Trilogy staff delivered the food to your seats, which minimized crowding and other COVID concerns.

The food was very good. I would describe it as heavy hors d’oeuvres/appetizers. Easy to eat, tasty, and filling.

Maui sunset cruise panorama

Whale watching

In the winter-early spring months, humpback whales are at their most active. While we were able to easily watch breaches and tail slaps from the beach and our beachfront VRBO property, there’s nothing like getting out on this Maui sunset cruise for a front-row seat.

Maui whale watching sunset cruise

While this was not billed as a whale watching tour, I did take one of my best whale photos on this Maui sunset cruise. Behold!

Maui whale breach

Maui Sunset

About an hour and a half into the cruise, the sun started to drop behind Lanai. The captain and staff made the rounds for last call.

Trilogy Maui sunset cruiseTrilogy Maui sunset cruiseTrilogy Maui sunset cruiseSun setting behind LanaiSun setting behind Lanai

After the sunset, it’s time to head back to Maui and Lahaina Harbor. Beautiful views from all directions here off the coast of Maui.

Maui mountains at sunset

Book your Maui Sunset Cruise

Trilogy Excursions took really good care of us with thoughtful safety protocols, good drinks, and tasty food. Check times, availability, and book a tour with them via their website.

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