There’s no place like Florida. And to fit in here you’ll need a Caddy and a left turn signal blinking away for at least 6 blocks.

We’re here to watch baseball and lots of it. Vero Beach is the most centrally-located beach to our planned baseball activities and let me just say that I’m pleasantly surprised with the town. Cute boutique hotels dot Vero’s Treasure Coast and even though I chose a decidedly mid-range accommodation, this beach trail was just steps away from the pool.

Vero’s best restaurant is the Ocean Grill. Go there.

If shopping is your thing, they’ve got great locally-owned shops all along Ocean Drive south of Rt. 60 (south of the Ocean Grill).

If you’re looking for a party, Vero isn’t your destination. If you’re looking for a quiet beach all your own with plenty of amenities and reasonable rates, then this is the place to go.

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