The Westwood Village Cemetery is the final resting place for many of Hollywood’s big stars.

The Mausoleums

Nearest the entrance are the mausoleums with famous names like Dean Martin, Truman Capote (with best friend and Johnny Carson’s ex-wife Joanne), Heather O’Rourke (young Carol Anne from Poltergeist) and Marilyn Monroe.

Dean Martin GraveTruman Capote Grave Joanne CarsonHeather O'Rourke grave

Marilyn Monroe’s tomb is stained pink due to all of the lipstick kisses that are pecked onto the stone.

A few more Marilyn facts: Hugh Hefner paid $75,000 for the burial plot right beside her. Even in death, he’s creeping on her. While she is the original Playboy cover girl, those nude photos were published without her consent.

A better example of a man, Joe DiMaggio, paid for 20 years worth of flowers to be delivered to Marilyn’s grave twice a week.

Marilyn Monroe Grave

Center Lawn

In the center lawn, the graves of many more famous names like Frank Zappa, Roy Orbison, Natalie Wood, Donna Reed, Burt Lancaster and more.

I had to visit fellow West Virginian and all-around hilarious and accomplished actor Don Knotts.

Don Knotts grave

“Queen of the Pin-Ups” Bettie Page is also in this section of the cemetery.

Bettie Page grave

North end

Along the north end of the cemetery lie a few more famous names.

Farrah Fawcett’s grave marker is understated and printed highly on the stone. I assume that space is reserved for her long-time companion Ryan O’Neal when that time comes.

Farrah Fawcett grave

Rodney Dangerfield’s headstone warns “There goes the neighborhood.”

Rodney Dangerfield grave

George C.Scott’s grave is unmarked for reasons I cannot find. He was a favorite of mine in Dr. Strangelove. Sure enough, though, it’s his final resting place.

George C. Scott unmarked grave

Next door is Walter MatthauĀ and his wife Carol.

Walter Matthau grave

Jack Lemmon (Matthau’s Grumpy Old Men co-star) carried over his sense of humor to his gravestone. It reads “Jack Lemmon in…” I can only assume he’s alluding to his final role in the ground.

Jack Lemmon grave

Visit Westwood Village Cemetery

The Westwood Village Cemetery is small and very hidden. Like most cemeteries, there is no fee to visit but there are visiting hours. Sorry, that means no seances after 5 pm or before 8 am.

For a full list of famous names buried here, check Wikipedia.

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