If you find yourself in Riverside, CA (perhaps you’re visiting the amazing Socal Supermoto) then you should stop by the Malcolm Smith Museum.

Hidden away in a powersports dealership owned by the Smith family, the Malcolm Smith Museum holds many motorcycles owned, restored and raced by Malcolm plus many other items from his long career in motorsports.

Malcolm Smith Museum

Most famous for his appearance in the 1971 movie On Any Sunday, Malcolm Smith was more than a flash in the movie-making pan. Malcolm is one of the winningest off-road motorcycle racers of all time, a pioneer in after-market racing products, and an AMA Hall of famer.

Malcolm’s first motorcycle

Malcolm’s first bike is this very 1949 Matchless 500 G80.

Malcolm Smith Museum

Originally purchased for $175, Malcolm ripped up the fire roads in the San Bernardino mountains with this bike. He was too small to kick start it, so he had to coast it down hills in order to bump start it. If he couldn’t push it up a hill, he’d have to hike back home to get friends to help. Says Malcolm, “Needless to say, I learned to be pretty good with the clutch.”

Malcolm’s motorcycle collection

Racing motorcycles as a youngster and then staying in the industry your whole life will lead to having a nice motorcycle collection. Many of the bikes Malcolm has collected and restored are on display here.

Malcolm Smith MuseumMalcolm Smith MuseumMalcolm Smith Museum

This 1972 “Ossavarna” is the only surviving bike of 6 originally created. The cohorts involved with the movie On Any Sunday debated which parts of different bikes would add up to make the greatest off-roader. They ended up with a bike powered by an Ossa 250 with other parts pulled from Husqvarna.

The Bel-Ray Bullet

Malcolm and Bud Feldkamp built the Bel-Ray Bullet in 1973 for competition in the Baja 1,000 and 500 races. It did pretty well, winning them the 1,000 in 1975 and 1977. They won the 500 in 1978 and 1979.

Malcolm Smith MuseumMalcolm Smith Museum

Trophies and more

The Malcolm Smith Museum holds a ton of memorabilia from Malcolm’s racing days. In this cabinet, you’ll see a smashed rim, a trophy, gloves and boots.

Malcolm Smith Museum

I liked the odd trophies some of these races gave out. These ceramic whiskey decanters from the Mint 400 rally were favorites of mine.

Malcolm Smith MuseumMalcolm Smith MuseumMalcolm Smith Museum

Beginnings of MSR

This tool bag is the very first item Malcolm Smith Racing Products ever made. MSR, as the company is now known, is a leader in off-road equipment and apparel.

Malcolm Smith Museum

A Malcolm-led tour

Visit the Malcolm Smith Museum

Visiting the museum is as simple as visiting Malcolm Smith Motorsports during business hours. The museum is on the top level, accessible by the stairs at the rear of the showroom. No admission fee.

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  • James V Weyand . June 24, 2022 . Reply

    I saw On any Sunday when it hit the theaters, one of my favorites. I’ve watched it a few times through the years. It’s time that needs to be seen by the younger generation now.

  • (Author) Jonathan Rundle . December 5, 2018 . Reply

    Hah! True, not the most remarkable museum in the world, but a fun little stop if you know it’s there. The man was remarkable even if this collection isn’t. Plus, you can’t beat the price of admission.

  • Steve Graehl . April 6, 2018 . Reply

    So glad I sold Malcom the Ossavarna. nice to see my father’s bike in a collection. Was fun growing up with the Brown family and all the riding at the ranch off Ortega Hwy in the mid 1970’s.

    • (Author) Jonathan Rundle . April 6, 2018 . Reply

      Such a special bike. I’m sure you have loads of stories to tell! Thanks for visiting and sharing!

  • Daniel Rundle . February 20, 2018 . Reply

    Nice old bikes! I remember seeing the movie,On Any Sunday, I believe it was part of a double feature at the Drive-In. It was one of the first real motorcycle movies of that era that wasn’t about biker gangs with poor acting.

  • JoWalsh . February 20, 2018 . Reply

    Very nice… I loved looking at the old bikes

  • Dirk . February 20, 2018 . Reply

    Wow — I really enjoyed this…..Thanks to you and… MSR

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