The Grand Canyon – a day trip from Las Vegas for insignificant specks

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Have you heard? This place is huge. My understanding is that you could spend a week (or a month) around the Grand Canyon and I believe it. It is a challenge to make the trip in a day and not feel rushed – but it’s all we had so we did it anyway.

There are two points-of-interest between Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon. #1 is The Hoover Dam. See my other post for the story. #2 is the new-ish Grand Canyon Skywalk. We didn’t go to the Skywalk because everything I had read about it online pointed to it being a pain in the ass and not worth the wildly inflated price of admission. In fact, if you go to the skywalk website, they feature a big photo of the developer of the property and not so much about the attraction itself. Red flag.

Our journey took us to the Grand Canyon South Rim visitor center. Start by learning a little bit about the canyon here. Grab a sandwich if you’re hungry and some water for the trails. There are lots of view points here. The two nearest are Mather Point and Yavapai Point. There are lots of opportunities to get into some fun and a little danger (as the photo above illustrates). This photo op was a short 10 minute climb down from the main trail. If you’re not able-bodied you have no business straying from the trail, so don’t bumble around in your flip flops while trying to climb rocks. Not that I’m in much of a position to point fingers. I made it down and back in my Vans.

Speaking of able-bodiedness, if you’re not interested or able to walk between the points of interest, they make it very easy for you to experience the Grand Canyon. The park service operates a bus system that goes to different points of interest at regular intervals.

South rim at the Grand Canyon

South rim at the Grand Canyon

The landscape is vast and the time it took to carve is unfathomable. If anywhere makes you feel like an insignificant speck, it’s here. Break away from the constant barrage of carnival barkers that is Las Vegas for a jaw-dropping sight unrivaled anywhere on the planet. When the other tourists get on your nerves, just smile and think about how insignificant they are, too.

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