A few hours in Anchorage, Alaska

September 20, 2013/Jonathan Rundle/0 Comments

My journey began and now ends here in Anchorage. When I arrived, I picked up my motorcycle north of the city and continued northward to Denali National Park. Being excited to start that journey, I didn’t stick around in Anchorage any further than grabbing a breakfast sandwich and a juice. So, here, before my flight back to Seattle, I have a few hours to explore.

Anchorage is further north than Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm and St. Petersburg and slightly south in latitude when compared to Reykjavik. Reykjavik is a happening European city. The opera house is a major architectural triumph, a unique church dominates a hill in the middle of the city and pedestrian alleyways invite you into their corridors with hidden shops and cafes.

Not so here in Anchorage. The medium-sized towers are either oil industry offices or hotels to hold visitors to said offices. Even downtown the roadways are four or five lane streets and pedestrians are few and far between. Strip malls and drive-thrus dominate.

But hey, that describes just about every city in the United States. What did I find in Anchorage worth seeing?

  • Earthquake Park – A remnant of the 1964 Good Friday earthquake. There are displays about the earthquake, trails and a nice overlook to downtown.
  • Humpy’s – A restaurant / alehouse that is very popular. This place felt very local, like it has been here forever (actually since 1994). It has a divey feel. Lots of music on the calendar.
  • Flattop Pizza – Right next door to Humpy’s is this modern pizza bar and pool hall. Good food and lots of local beers on tap. Full bar with 4 or 5 pool tables all the way along the many large windows.

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