Night Riding Snowmobiles at Whistler-Blackcomb

March 18, 2011/Jonathan Rundle/0 Comments

I’m not one to rest on my laurels, so after a long day of travelling from Seattle to Whistler via bus we mustered up the energy to rent some snowmobiles and tear around Blackcomb mountain – and you can see the excitement in our faces.

Snowmobiling Whistler BC

Night riding is pretty exciting. You don’t know what’s out there or what the course brings past the reach of your headlamp. With follow the leader style of riding, you’re limited a bit by the experience (or the balls) of the people in front of you. If you’re feeling confident, get in the front. Otherwise, you’re stuck behind someone who’s out on a Sunday drive. On the other side of the coin, we had someone whose balls were bigger than their experience level and they flipped their snowmobile. But, we all lent a hand and got it flipped back over in a matter of minutes.

From the peak of blackcomb at crystal hut

Crystal Hut at the peak of Blackcomb

You get to really tear on these things, so you have some freedom to push the machines. The course takes you about 6,000 feet up Blackcomb mountain, delivering amazing views. The 2.5 hour journey feels like much less, but we both left feeling it was money well-spent as it took a long time for the smiles to leave our faces.

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