Banff Gondola on Sulphur Mountain

July 6, 2013/Jonathan Rundle/0 Comments

Whenever I go somewhere new, I try to get as high as possible. No, not like that – get your mind out of the gutter. I like to take a look at my surroundings, plot out the locations of things to see and sometimes discover new point of interest I didn’t know existed. The top of Sulphur Mountain is 8,041 ft above sea level and is a dramatic spot to do just that.

I went up in the last gondola of the day, which meant time was limited. They told me they’d leave me up there if I wasn’t back by a certain time. I couldn’t tell if they were joking, but I didn’t want to find out!

There is a restaurant and observation deck at the top of the mountain. In the image above, you see Banff and the Bow valley. The image below represents the reverse of the view, looking back to the Rockies.


If it weren’t so late in the day, I would have taken a soak in the hot springs nearby. It seems like the perfect way to end the day after a few hundred miles on the motorcycle. But, I’ve got to save something for next time.

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